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You should have seen the beautiful Tinga Tinga Tales books from Puffin by now.

Read a book give a book

The Pearson Foundation “Read a Book, Give a Book” scheme is well under way. Throughout the campaign more than 20,000 of you read a Tinga Tinga Tales book online - and for every book read, The Pearson Foundation sent a Tinga Tinga Tales book to Africa. Go to www.wegivebooks.org to find out more!

But the story doesn't end there. The Pearson Foundation has created a fantastic Early Child Development programme for primary school teachers in Tanzania and Kenya. This innovative programme uses Tinga Tinga Tales books and films to inspire and educate children with loads of ideas for the classroom making sure that learning for the young has never been such fun.

So far over 380 primary school teachers have received training and over 40,000 books have been distributed to underprivileged schools. The development programme has increased school attendance by more than 48% by making learning fun, interactive and enjoyable.

Recognising the importance of making books available as widely as possible, The Pearson Foundation is also creating Tinga Tinga Tales safe havens in libraries starting in Kenya as well as creating extra curriculum books to help improve numeracy and literacy in Africa!

We hope to do lots more... keep reading!

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Safaricom and Citizen TV in Kenya

Tinga Tinga Tales launched in Kenya last year with an amazing event in Nairobi Game Park sponsored by Safaricom, the leading Telecommunications Company in Kenya. Children from all walks of life bounced on castles, had their faces painted, ate cake, danced live with Eric Wainaina (Tinga Tinga Tales composer) and his band, and even took home Tinga Tinga Tales goodie bags! And that was just the launch of the TV series broadcast by Royal Media Services, on their Citizen TV channel, the largest National TV channel in Kenya!

But like everything with Tinga Tinga Tales, our partners are doing much much more! Safaricom and Citizen TV are paying for the construction of 23 Tinga Tinga Tales classrooms in some of the poorest provinces of Kenya. And now, due to the success of the show, the CocaCola Foundation has committed to providing running water and toilets for all of the schools we are working in and the Kenya Literacy Bureau is donating books!

Classroom building

Safaricom has sponsored a mobile Cinema to take Tinga Tinga Tales to some of the more rural areas of Kenya, making sure that young children and their families are entertained all over the country. The message is simple. Education can be fun... “The more you know! The More you Grow!” and the more likely you are to have a real chance in life. The Mobile Cinema is touring all over Kenya for 2 years doing 2 shows a day with the ambition of reaching over half a million children.

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It’s Booktime in the UK!

Tinga Tinga Tales book “Why Elephant has a Trunk” was selected for Booktime 2011, a national programme that gives free books to every child starting school in England to inspire a life-long love of reading by encouraging families to have fun reading together.

  • • 690,000 free copies given to every child starting school
  • • 23,000 teacher copies distributed
  • Lenny Henry (the voice of Elephant in Tinga Tinga Tales) attended the launch event in London, reading to kids from the local primary school, St George the Martyr.

    Click here to find out more and watch the Booktime Launch video!